Sam Wicks

SamWicksHello there, my name is Sam Wicks, and I am a hunter of sensations. Hunter of the next big thing. I salute you, – because you just found my blog, and it is pretty much fantastic.

Next Big Nashville, – was a phrase that stuck with me for years, – decades to be precise. The Next Big Nashville, – always meant something grandioso for me. Something on the biggest scale. And no matter what it was. Bands like The Kings of Leon, Jack White, or other artists from this magical place.

I am self funded adventurer, looking for the next big thing, – and since I found the internet, and learnt the basics of it, – I realized I will be able to find it, and once I find it, I will be able to promote it. To actually add that extra layer. That X factor as they say.

So many people take internet for granted, – only use it to check their facebook, or send some silly email. I am a visionary. I am the new Kanye West. I know it sounds obnoxious, but I think with the power of the internet, – I am unstoppable. Plus my thirst for talent, and adventure – I think it makes me even a better contender for the top spot!

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