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Washington D.C. natives by birthright but Tennessean transplants by choice, piano-rock quartet Parachute Musical is bringing a new wave of sound through the Music City.

With influences ranging from Rufus Wainwright to Stevie Wonder and Say Anything to Anita Baker, Parachute Musical is a conscious and intelligent piano rock band with jazz and Latin influences.

As an American University music major, pianist/vocalist Josh Foster formed Parachute Musical in 2003 and recorded its first album- Parachute Musical- as a one-man band. After struggling to make a solid line-up, Foster finally decided that his dream was over, and the band was finished.

?I didn't think the band was going anywhere, and I just wanted the songs recorded so I wouldn?t forget them,? says Josh. ?Then I went to a show in D.C. and my outlook was changed. It was such an intense, emotional experience that I bought a plane ticket to Nashville that night, and I was there the next morning visiting Tom hoping to give my music career another shot.?

The ?Tom? he is referring to is guitarist Tom Gilbert, long time friend and fellow musician. Gilbert, who was currently living in Tennessee attending school, held music as his first passion. Ironically, another D.C. native Ben Jacoby (drums) was also visiting Gilbert that week and decided that he, too, would make the move to Nashville. Kentucky-born bassist, Kyle Cornett was added, and the fit could not have been more perfect.

?After our first Nashville show, we noticed people were digging the music, and I was just loving the fact that it was going somewhere, says Josh. ?We are always striving to make it bigger and better and love that people here seem to be more into whether a song is good or not... not what genre it belongs in.?

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