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Not only are Parlour Boys the most exciting unsigned band on any scene today, they are also one of the best young bands period. Their combination of true musicianship, a non-pandering pop sense, camaraderie and showmandship is what makes great bands great. And that's what these guys are."
- Stephen Trask, Hedwig and The Angry Inch

"[I] Stayed til Morrissey sang "How Soon is Now" before catching the set by Lexington, KY's Parlour Boys, who were fantastic (imagine WMA's Kirk Sommer fronting The Killers!)..."
- Karen Glauber, Hits Magazine

"I can tell you that theres not a person out there whos experienced the party that is a Parlour Boys concert and hasnt known that these five fellas were bound for greatness, and we didnt need Google or Myspace to tell us that."
- Matt Jordan, You Aint No Picasso (Blog)

"This disc is one of those special records that gives you 'the lift'- those buoyant swells of confidence and camaraderie... It's music that fills you with giddiness, the way jams made us skitter before we all entered our niche ghettos. This is music to get lost in while you're shaking your ass and screaming along in a sea of people you don't know."
- Ross Compton, The Nougat

"...the infectious hooks, the ready-for-the-radio choruses, and a pusling drum/bass attack that causes the crowd to move, which is ultimately the band's desired effect..."
- Blake Hannon, Chevy Chaser Magazine

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 09.06.07 PARLOUR BOYS
Mercy Lounge